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Shadow Into Shine Full Production Package

Full Production Package

The Shadow Into Shine Full Production Package is designed for the professionals fully committed to increasing the impact and influence of their unique story, maximizing their voice’s visibility and net worth.  This full service production package offers you end to end media production services that amplifies your voice with quality and care.


The Shadow Into Shine Full Production Package includes:


• Story Development:

 We work with you closely to learn your story’s unique essence 


• Production: 

We execute your production process, including site selection, script and storyboard writing/planning,  and platform selection to maximize amplifiability. 


• Post Production: 

We collect all of your production assets, edit and create a high quality result that drives awareness and influence.


• Marketing and Promotion:

Once your production is completed, we craft a strategic plan to market and promote your story to your targeted audience.  


• Studio Sessions:

Every production project is created in our state of the art production studio ensuring high quality standards every time.


Value $10,000

Your Investment  $7,500

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