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As a passionate advocate for young girls and women, LaKeisha helps young women in the making discover themselves via self exploration, uncovering talents and passions buried by past trauma. Founding Girls Like Me Project, NFP in 2011, LaKeisha mentors young girls and develops programs that assist participants in uncovering their digital superpowers and  empowering them to take action towards accomplishing their dreams.  To learn more about Girls Like Me Project, NFP, click  Here.



Move Beyond The Block Media is on a mission to amplify and uplift the unheard via strategic digital production.  As a full service media production provider, we give your story full accessibility using effective digital media platforms that give the best fit. 



Everyone’s story deserves to be told.  Move Beyond The Block Media is changing lives with authentic and transformative storytelling for the unheard, amplifying voices to reach the masses.

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