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LaKeisha Gray-Sewell, Founder

Digital Media Producer |  Author & Speaker |  Justice Advocate   |  Storyteller


As a digital storyteller and content producer, La’Keisha has created distinct media platforms which include podcasts as well as Move Beyond the Block TV, a YouTube channel that brings content and ideas to move viewers beyond the blocks in their lives.  Her first book, Move Beyond the Block, is on its 3rd print edition. 


As an internationally recognized urban girls advocate, LaKeisha founded the Girls Like Me Project organization in 2012 to support the life and legacy of the future generation of women. Her work reconnects Black girls to their power, herstory, and culture to cultivate Black Girl Magic.


“History is a teacher and guide to our stories.”

                                                                -LaKeisha Gray-Sewell

My Story



Born and raised in the Bronzeville neighborhood, located on Chicago’s  Southside, young LaKeisha discovered her passion for storytelling early on, as her community served as a reminder of the rich history makers that came before her. Inspired by this, she challenged herself to Move Beyond The Block by overcoming obstacles hindering her achievements.  Taking a journey down the road of self exploration, LaKeisha not only found her voice, but also, the voice of the others.  This transformational journey equipped her with tools needed to help herself and others, using digital media as the vehicle.     


As an accomplished Author and Public Speaker, LaKeisha Gray-Sewell has authored several literary works, including Move Beyond The Block Book, facilitator of the MBTB Program that include workshops, conferences, and corporate training. She has been featured on various media platforms, including The Steve Harvey Show, Ebony Magazine, and 1690AM WVON Radio and recognized by The Chicago Defender’s 40 Under 40 To Watch, as well as featured in Citizen Chicago Newspaper.  


“Finding your truth helps to diminish your ego and checks your intentions.”

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