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Google-able or Invisible

I finally did it!

I created a reel on’s similar to a TikTok. Something that looks so simple, but is a visual expression that has the power to amplify promote or teach a message.

For months I contemplated creating one. But as simple as it looks, I knew I wanted my reels to have an impact. I wanted my reels to advance my business.

That’s why I invested in a reels masterclass. The class was facilitated by content queen Jessica Walker.

I took what I learned and executed. Check it out…


Now what about you Sis?

You are brilliant!

And there are stages waiting for you!

People look to you for expertise, inspiration and thought leadership!

Sis, you deserve all the Shine!!!

So the question is are you Googleable or Invisible?

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I GOOGLE YOU? You have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. You may even have book(s) and excellent ideas 💡 or solutions to offer to the marketplace. But when we google you, do we hear crickets? In other words, are you virtually invisible? If so, that's a problem that needs to be solved.

Being invisible is costing you. I want to show you how to stop being the "best kept secret" Sis.

Here’s where I want you to start.

Follow my Move Beyond the Block page and join the Block Busters group.

Watch the videos posted there.

Then stop by to find out how I will help you develop your full digital legacy from content to launch.

I can’t wait for us to discover your digital superpower!

With grace,


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