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Shadow Into Shine Mastermind

Sunday, April 23, 2021

11a-3p CST

You are brilliant! 
There are stages waiting for you!
People look to you for expertise, inspiration and thought leadership!
Sis, you deserve all the Shine!!!

So why are you hiding in the shadows?

Why aren’t you Googleable? Yes, I made that word up… but I know how much your voice can impact the world. I know how much you deserve to go from overlooked to always booked.

Attend my Shadow Into Shine Mastermind and I will help you establish an online presence and digital legacy that is highly profitable and visible.

Have you been thinking of starting a podcast? 

Creating video content?

 Always wanted to be interviewed on television?

During this one day session you will receive my blueprint to unleash your digital superpower.

If you are ready to shine this is the mastermind for you.

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I’ll be often our comfort zone limits our opportunities. Perfectionism leads to procrastination. Believe me, I  was once there. Until I realized the world misses out on the unique gift God gave to only you.

I harnessed my voice and appeared in Ebony, on Steve Harvey TV Show, Fox Chicago. I created my own podcasts and Youtube series.

This is an invitation to you because I know if you have read this far you are among the few who are ready to take action. Only a few seats are open to keep the virtual room intimate and ensure you receive one-on-one support.

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Our world is becoming smaller. You can find yourself on stages around the world without leaving the comfort of your home or office. But first they have to find you, Sis.


You have the genius, let me help you discover the best platform for your message.


Because when you stay in the shadows, no one is served! 


So stop playing small. Stop doubting your brilliance! Stop hiding in the shadows!


"La’Keisha helped me to simplify the podcast process, by breaking down each step, along with resources. She encouraged me to think about what was already available to me through my network. I realized everything and everyone I needed was either a phone call or text away."

E. Davis author, coach and podcast host

I wanted to publicly shout out La'Keisha Gray-Sewell for her Shadow to Shine workshop. Sunday was such a great day. We did some self reflecting and then got into how we could leave our digital stamp on the planet. We were all challenged out of our comfort zones and were "invited" to make videos or podcasts before the workshop ended! How cool is that?! I invested in myself and will be sharing #ShaunsJourneytoShine with anyone interested in viewing via my YouTube channel (Shaun Rae)! My very nervous starter video is in the comments. Go subscribe and get notifications when I upload! Thanks in advance! And thanks again Big Sister Keisha for the workshop!

Shaun Rae- Shadow Into Shine Attendee

Hey Friends: Yesterday I was a 'student' in La'Keisha's  course Shadow to Shine. I got my youtube channel formatted and she coached me up in creating my first video. Coming Soon!

Theresa Robinson, PhD- Shadow Into Shine Attendee