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Too often, our ambition is dictated by our back stories...from how and where we were raised. Our level of education. Relationship status. How our bank account is set up, and the number of titles that precede our names. But what happens when we move beyond the stories in our minds? What happens when we recognize our value beyond any measure of external factors? What happens when we move beyond the blocks of self doubt, comparison and imposter syndrome? What happens when we transcend the blocks that are blocking our shine in life? Well, I wrote my first book when I found the answers. Hailing from the south side of Chicago, one can become stifled by the sundry of stigma and low expectations. Yet, there are so many shining examples who illuminate the possibility. This book is part memoir, part women's history, and full on empowerment. Every line is a guidepost to move readers beyond the block! In the pages of Move Beyond the Block I share my personal narrative while highlighting 18 women whose monumental achievements inspire generations of women and girls. No matter if it is a block on the South Side of Chicago, the college campus, a corporate boardroom, a reality television set or all the spaces in between, there is so much that can block us from a fulfilling life and attaining the things we desire most. It is my genuine hope that collectively we take this journey to move us all beyond our individual blocks to reach our greatest potential as a community, sisterhood, and as a global force. This Holiday season, grab your copy of Move Beyond the Block and gift one to a friend, daughter, student or mentee. We all can move beyond the block together!


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